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Michael Brown

L128 Buckingham Fountain

L128 Buckingham Fountain

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Buckingham Fountain is an icon in Chicago's downtown district. Set inside Grant Park, this amazing tribute to the ingenuity and creative power of the people of Chicago is colorful and playful.

The fountain goes through a long series of colorful light changes at night, a mesmerizing display of beauty. The meditative sounds of the splashing water brings visitors and Chicagoans alike a sense of peace and place.

2-phase lenticular art, that changes as the viewer moves.

Available in two sizes:

  • 6.5 x 6.5 inch art, matted to 12 x 12 inches, or matted and framed to 12 x 12 inches 
  • 16 x16 inch art, available framed or unframed

Available framed:

  • 12 x 12 inch frame is Black aluminum
  • 16x16 inch frame is Brushed Silver aluminum

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